For most of my life, health existed as something *just* out of reach. I spent my younger years witnessing women I admired follow diet fads, endured college nutrition lectures where calorie counting was expected to fix inner issues, and touted myself as a nutrition expert while suffering through my own personal health crisis.

Leading me to the realization that we're approaching health the wrong way.

Health is never about what you can do to your body but how you can work with your body to mobilize energy. Health is not a calculation or a chase to arrive at a destination.

Health is in you!

It’s something you create.

In an industry where health has been made unachievable and even unapproachable, I want to show you how to make health simple, proving all of us have the power to live well and find joy in the process.

Expect to shift your definition of health, do something to change, end restriction, deprivation, and starvation, and experience health right now. No more waiting, just living.

Health is inside of you. Let me show you how to create it.

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